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Questions number 1 to 5 are based on the following text

New research out of Notre Dame is digging into why social media isn't always good for us, especially if you're young and female. Working as an educator, Carmen Papaluca observed a worrying trend with her students. In particular, social media was having a significant negative impacton her students' mental health.For anyone who is a regular user of social media which is most of us these days, this won't come as a surprise. With everyone sharing their 'highlight reels', Carmen observed, young women find it particularly hard to see their own lives or even their own bodies as good enough. Wanting to understand more about the issue and what could be done, Carmen began a Ph.D. at the University of Notre Dame. The focus of her research is Instagram use among young women aged 18 to 25. One of the key findings of her work so far is that younger female Instagram users in her study, late teens and early 20s, found that images on the app made them feel most badly about their bodies. However, women who were slightly older (mid-20s) felt the inadequacy around their work and lifestyle. In comparison to the images of the apparently fabulous social lives and careers of others on Instagram, they felt that their own lives "lacked meaning". The blame of the perceived problems with
new technologies gets put entirely on those new technologies. But if we want to find a real solution to these problems, we need to dig a bit deeper. In other words, it's not just Instagram that is the problem. It's the social pressures put on young women that have been part of our culture for many years that are now becoming amplified by social media. 
Adapted from mental-health.html

1. What is the main idea of the passage?
  • (A) How social media destruct females’ life.
  • (B) Technology merely bears bad sides in human’s social life.
  • (C) Social media impact negatively on young women’s mental health.
  • (D) The use of social media apparently decreases people’s standard behavior.
  • (E) A study about the relationship between social media impact and students’ achievement.
2. The paragraph following the passage most likely deals with...
  • (A) the reason why instagram has bad impact on people health.
  • (B) kinds of social pressure that has been part of culture.
  • (C) the negative impact of instagram on women.
  • (D) the technologies that impact human health.
  • (E) social media‘s bad impact on young people.
3. In which paragraph does the writer discuss that images of certain social media imposes one’s bad feeling about her physical appearance?
  • (A) 1
  • (B) 2
  • (C) 1 and 2
  • (D) 1 and 4
  • (E) 2 and 3
4. To whom is the text likely intended?
  • (A) A teacher who teaches science
  • (B) Working moms who have baby sitters
  • (C) Students who actively engage using social media
  • (D) Adolescents who learn about applied technology
  • (E) Social media experts who conduct researches on social media

5. ‘In particular, social media was having a significant negative impact on her students' mental health.’What is possibly the author’s motive in writing the sentence?
  • (A) The information about instagram impacts isn’t available
  • (B) The use of social media is in a level of endangering young female’s social lives
  • (C) Not many people are interested in using instagram and other social media
  • (D) There is a misconception of researcher and social media users on instagram bad impact
  • (E) People’s awareness about social media use has negatively impacted on female’s mental health

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